The Department of Radiology at Peshawar General Hospital boasts internationally experienced doctors and skilled technologists dedicated to delivering top-quality imaging, diagnostic, and interventional procedures.

Peshawar General Hospital's Department of Radiology: Delivering Precision Imaging and Expertise

Peshawar General Hospital’s Department of Radiology stands as a cornerstone of comprehensive patient care. Our team comprises internationally experienced radiologists and highly skilled technologists, all dedicated to providing the highest quality imaging, diagnostic, and interventional procedures.

The Radiology Department operates in seamless collaboration with the hospital’s medical and surgical departments. This integrated approach ensures that patients receive the most accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment plans. Our radiologists act as vital partners, interpreting imaging studies and providing crucial insights that guide clinical decision-making.

Advanced Technology and Diverse Services:

We are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology to deliver the most precise and comprehensive imaging services. Our department offers a wide range of procedures, including:

X-ray: A versatile imaging technique for diagnosing bone fractures, chest infections, and other conditions.

Ultrasound: A non-invasive modality for visualizing internal organs and soft tissues.

CT Scan (Computed Tomography): Creates detailed cross-sectional images of the body for advanced diagnosis and treatment planning.

MRI Scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): Generates detailed images of organs, soft tissues, and bones, aiding in the diagnosis of complex conditions.

Our department also offers minimally invasive interventional radiology procedures. These procedures utilize image-guidance to perform targeted treatments such as draining abscesses, inserting stents, and performing biopsies.

In-Patient Services:

Patients at PGH benefit from in-patient services provided by the Department of Radiology, ensuring prompt and accurate diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures. The department collaborates closely with other hospital departments to support patient care and treatment plans.

Out-Patient Services:

The Department of Radiology offers a wide range of out-patient services to cater to the diagnostic needs of patients. From routine X-rays to advanced imaging modalities like CT scans, MRI scans, and ultrasound, patients receive comprehensive care tailored to their specific requirements.

Current Equipment:


Prof. Dr. Niaz Ali boasts over 25 years of experience in cardiovascular surgery. Honed by rigorous training in the UK, he possesses advanced surgical techniques. Throughout his distinguished career, Prof. Dr. Niaz has been a key member of cardiac surgery teams at renowned institutions like RMI and Northwest General Hospital. His contributions have significantly impacted the field, reflecting his commitment to excellence, innovation, and compassionate patient care.

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