General Surgery

The General Surgery Department at Peshawar General Hospital is a leader in surgical excellence. 

PGH General Surgery Department

The General Surgery Department at Peshawar General Hospital stands as a beacon of top-notch surgical care in the region. Our esteemed team comprises exceptionally skilled and devoted surgeons who prioritize personalized care for every patient.

We firmly believe in placing patients at the heart of our approach, ensuring that each individual receives tailored attention and the most suitable treatment plan. From initial consultations before surgery to ongoing support during post-operative rehabilitation, we are dedicated to guiding you through every step of your surgical journey.

Our holistic approach is geared towards facilitating a seamless recovery process and enabling a triumphant return to your normal routine. At Peshawar General Hospital, expect nothing less than comprehensive care and unwavering support from a team committed to your well-being.

Expert Care for Complex Conditions

Our surgeons possess extensive experience and advanced training, allowing them to tackle a wide range of complex surgical cases. They are adept at diagnosing and treating a diverse array of ailments affecting various bodily systems with utmost precision and efficiency. Whether you require minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery or open surgery for a more intricate procedure, our surgeons leverage their expertise to achieve optimal outcomes.

Compassionate Care Beyond the Physical

Beyond their surgical skills, our surgeons understand the emotional and psychological toll that illness can take. They are committed to providing compassionate care that addresses all aspects of your well-being. Our department fosters a supportive environment where open communication is encouraged, and your concerns are addressed with empathy and understanding.

A Well-Coordinated Team for Seamless Care

The success of our department hinges on a well-coordinated team. We have a team of surgeons, post-graduate trainees who are constantly refining their skills under expert guidance, medical officers who provide vital support throughout the patient journey, technicians who ensure the smooth operation of advanced equipment, and dedicated nurses who provide exceptional pre- and post-operative care. This collaborative approach ensures the successful execution of complex surgical procedures with both skill and care.

Services Offered by the Department

Peshawar General Hospital’s General Surgery Department is a trusted provider of high-quality surgical services, committed to a patient-centered approach. Our team of highly skilled surgeons leverages their extensive experience to offer a comprehensive range of procedures, ensuring you receive the most appropriate treatment for your specific needs:

By prioritizing personalized care and offering a comprehensive range of surgical solutions, Peshawar General Hospital’s General Surgery Department stands as your trusted partner in achieving optimal surgical outcomes.

Investing in the Future of Surgery

The General Surgery Department is not only dedicated to providing exceptional patient care but also to advancing the field of surgery. We actively participate in ongoing medical education and research initiatives, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation. This dedication allows us to stay at the forefront of surgical advancements and integrate the latest techniques into patient care.

Emergency Cases

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