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Our services range from diagnostic, corrective to life-saving in nature. We are working on fully-equipped operation theatres as well as efficiently managed ICU units.

At Department of Cardiac Surgery, we will provide treatments based on evidence-based practice. Our surgeons, physicians, assistants, nurses and staff will work together to deliver innovative care, aiming at improved outcomes and quality of life to our patients.

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Department's Services

Coronary artery bypass surgery is performed with high international standard by an experienced team of surgeons , cardiac anaesthetis , well qualified experienced perfusionist and ICU Staff with very low rate of complications.

Beating heart surgery is performed in our Peshawar General hospital by our expert surgeons.

Valve replacement and repair is performed for mitral , aortic, pulmonary and tricuspid valve diseases with excellent results.

Congenital defects like ASD , VSD, TOF , Coarctation repair are performed at this unit.

Surgical ligation and device closure of PDA is performed at PGH.

Aortic procedure like Aortic root replacement.
Aortic aneurysm repair performed at PGH by our experienced surgeons.

Arterial and venous palliative treatment is available at PGH.

All type heart tumour and pericardial conditions are treated at PGH with excellent outcome.

Therapeutic care to restore movement and function to people disabled by disease or injury. Care may include exercise, training in activities of daily living and education. Our team works in collaboration with other specialties to offer comprehensive care and quickly restore you to your optimal health.

Future Plans

  • Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

  • Neonatal Cardiac Surgery

  • Ventricular Assisted Devices

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